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Benefits of Earning Honor Armor


Have you thought about going to college?  Would you like to get paid to go tocollege?  Participating in Honor Armor can help you do just that.
College admissions applications and also scholarship applications REQUIRE YOU to list activities you participated in during school, as well as awards you earned during school.  The more activities and awards that you can list on these applications means the bigger the chance that you will get accepted to the college of your choice and receive scholarship money that will pay for your books and tuition!  Getting involved in the school earns points for you in the Honor Armor program.  That means IN ADDITION to what you are already doing, YOU CAN ALSO LIST that you participated in your school’s Honor Armor program.  You can also earn up to three Honor Armor Awards that look great on your applications.  (SPEAR, HELMET AND SHIELD) The key to earning all three awards is by getting involved as much as you can!
There are more immediate benefits too!  You can list on a job application and/or resume that you have participated in the Honor Armor program and earned awards through the program.  This impresses employers because it shows them that you are involved in the school and are reliable; employers seek both of these qualities in their employees.
The extra effort you spend participating in the Honor Armor program is minimal.  What you are really doing is getting RECOGNIZED and AWARDED for things you are already doing at SCMS.  So fill out your Honor Armor logbook online and keep your sights set on those college scholarships at the college of your choice!

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