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Comprehensive Guidance Standards

Comprehensive Guidance Program Delivery Components: 

School Counselor Curriculum provides equitable student knowledge, attitudes, and skills through instruction in four research-based areas of development (Utah College and Career Readiness Student Mindsets and Competencies), and include the following broad areas:  academic/learning, life/career, multicultural/global citizenship, and social/emotional.

Individual Student Planning is a process designed to help individual students establish personal goals and develop future plans. The student engages in next step planning, monitoring, and managing his or her goals toward college and career readiness with guided support from the school counselor and parent/guardian.  

As a capstone to the Individual Planning process, we complete a Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) Conference with your child. This is a short meeting between student, parents, and the counselor to review and set personal, academic, and career goals. We will send out invitations via email and phone message when it is time for the PCCR meetings. You can find further information on our webpage here:

Responsive Services and Dropout Prevention meet the immediate concerns and needs of students. Services are delivered to students through prevention and intervention approaches via consultation, individual and small group counseling, crisis counseling, and referrals.

The purpose of responsive services is to intervene on behalf of those students whose immediate personal concerns put their personal, social and/or educational development at risk. We work closely with our teachers and parents in focusing on your child’s emotional and academic well-being.  Sometimes other factors in life can dramatically affect school academics. As we are not clinical therapists and cannot provide therapy, we can make referrals to these types of therapists, or provide some short-term, goal-oriented interviewing here at school. 

We also provide support groups for our students. Depending on the need of our student body, these groups may focus on friendship, academics, social concerns, grief, stress management, school survival skills, sleep and nutrition, anti-bullying, and personality and learning styles. If you feel your student could benefit from any of these types of groups, please feel free to contact us.

System Support consists of program development with the focus of equity, implementation, and management that connects to existing family and community support and to school improvement and student achievement. Some of these activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Meet with teachers to discuss students that may be struggling in one or more areas
  • Participate in our school’s Improvement Plan and Leadership Team
  • Build the school’s master schedule, as well as each individual student’s schedule
  • Create and maintain support features such as our website found here.

Connecting Program Improvement and Student Learning – School Counselor Assurances:

  • Standard 1: Every student. All program elements are designed to recognize and address the diverse needs of every student.
  • Standard 2: Data Effectiveness and Program Improvement. The program uses current school data, including a formal student/parent/teacher College and Career Readiness Comprehensive School Counseling Program Systemic Assessment (needs assessment) that is completed and analyzed at least every three (3) years. Please view SCMS Counseling Department 2016-2017 data project.
  • Standard 3: Plan for College and Career Ready Process. Programs shall establish Plans for College and Career Ready for every student, both as a process and a product, consistent with local board policy and the goals of the College and Career Readiness Comprehensive School Counseling Program, Secondary School Accreditation and Career Technology Education.
  • Standard 4: Career Literacy. The College and Career Readiness Comprehensive School Counseling Program provides career literacy assistance for all students which includes:  career awareness and exploration, job search, job application, interview skills, and post-high school opportunities.
  • Standard 5: Collaborative Classroom Instruction. The program delivers a developmental and sequential school counseling curriculum in harmony with content standards identified in the Utah Model for College and Career Readiness Comprehensive School Counseling Program, and is prioritized according to the results of the school needs assessment process.
  • Standard 6: Systemic Approach to Dropout Prevention with Social/Emotional Supports. These services are available to address the immediate concerns and identified needs of all students through an education-oriented and programmatic approach, and in collaboration with existing school programs and coordination with family, school, and community services.
  • Standard 7: Alignment. This includes vertical and horizontal alignment for communication, collaboration, and coordination with the feeder systems and schools regarding the College and Career Readiness Comprehensive School Counseling Program, K-12.

Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program

Comprehensive Guidance Standards


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