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Point Guidelines

Honor Armor Point Guidelines!      
…and some tips on doing your best. 
I.Honor Armor Points are not easy to earn!
Every single point is well worth working for. For instance, attending every practice each day throughout football season earns you just 2 points and all those early mornings all year long at Student Council tally just 0-8 points. The most that any student could earn for the one year is 8 points – to earn those you would have to be the student body president – and a better than average one at that!
II. To get the maximum points for any one thing, you must do the very best you can.
Nearly everything you do at SCMS to earn Honor Armor points will be evaluated on an individual basis. For instance, the student body President earns from 0-8 points, depending on how well he or she does the job; they do not automatically get the maximum number of points possible.
III. Become familiar with the Honor Armor program.
The best way to make sure you earn all the points you can while at SCMS is to know the groups and events that can offer points and get involved.
IV. Get in the Honor Armor program early.
Go online and familiarize yourself with the points you can earn.  Start to fill out your log book early.
V. Logbooks will all be filled out online.
In the spring, two weeks are set aside for the “Signing of the Points”. During these weeks, you can fill out your official Logbook online. Official Logbooks are computed at the end of those two weeks, evaluated and filed by the Points Committee. Make sure you go ONLINE to fill out your log book!
VI. Anything shy of the point requirements for an award cannot earn that award.
Nineteen (19) points will not earn a spear… and fifty-nine and one-half (59.5) points cannot be awarded a Diamond Shield!
Some Other Things to Watch For….
Honor Armor is an award that recognizes extended (out of the classroom) service to Snow Canyon Middle School *and the community. Whenever Honor Armor points are evaluated for an Honor Armor candidate, service should be the determining factor. Based upon this principle, Points will not be given for:

1. Payment of dues to clubs or organization. 
A dues payment may be a pre-requisite to group membership, but the payment of dues itself does not qualify as service. Points will be awarded only for activity in the group.
2. Activities that are done to fulfill the requirements for a regular class assignment.
Anything you do that earns you a grade or class credit cannot be considered service. Receiving Honor Armor points is not appropriate since you are already being rewarded in other ways, i.e. grades and class credit. This includes Choir, Band, Debate, Student Council, etc.
3. Activities that have no connection with SCMS.
Services through religious organizations, civic programs, or summer camps that *are not chartered by the school cannot earn Honor Armor points. Participation in “State” or “National” competitions or other leadership positions that are not sanctioned by the Utah High School Activities Association will not be considered for Honor Armor points.
4. Activities involved in while not a registered SCMS student.
Service to a different middle school or other high school does not benefit SCMS and cannot be considered for SCMS Spartan Honor Armor points. Summer leadership  conferences, basketball clinics, etc., will not earn Honor Armor points. Service while a student at another school (middle or high) will not earn points.  This includes service as a 7th grader at Lava Ridge Intermediate School or other schools attended prior to SCMS.
5. Activities not performed during the current school year. 
A forgotten activity from a previous year is not valid unless the student provides proof in the form of existing group records and by signing off with the adviser (and possibly student officer) that held those positions when the service was performed.  The burden of proof rests with the student.  Don’t plan on getting old points… you probably won’t! The exception to this is the case where an activity occurred in the previous spring (during 4th quarter after logbooks were signed and filed). In this case, students may count any points from the previous school year during 4th quarter.  9th graders never get spring points for Honor Armor since the logbooks were tallied before the activity that would have earned points was completed.  However, 9th graders can still receive those points as 10th graders at Snow Canyon High School in their Warrior Shield program. Note: Seniors at SCHS never receive points for activities in the spring for the same reason 9th graders don’t receive points at SCMS during 4th quarter.

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