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Symbolism of Honor Armor

In selecting how to represent our mascot, Warriors, 3 items were chosen: The SPEAR, the HELMET, and the SHIELD.

Spear- the spear was a fearsome weapon in the hands of a Spartan warrior. Often over 8′ long, the spear was the tool that helped the Spartan warriors be so successful when attacking. While we obviously don’t encourage attacking, we have chosen the spear to represent social interactionsBy developing social skills such as cooperation, conflict resolution, and teamwork, SCMS WARRIORS ensure their ability to contribute to the community as they leave our halls.
Helmet- the helmet was worn as armor to protect a WARRIOR’S head form a critical wound in battle. At SCMS, the helmet represents learning, knowledge, and academics.  Without these, it is impossible to succeed in the world. It is essential for everyone at SCMS to be engaged in life-long learning. 
Shield- the shield was the most important piece of armor a Warrior owned. A soldier losing his helmet, breastplate or greaves (leg armor) was not punished, as these items were personal pieces of armor designed to protect one man, where as the shield not only protected the individual soldier but in the tightly packed BATTLEFIELD IT was also instrumental in protecting the soldier to his left from harm.  Thus the shield was symbolic of the individual soldier’s duty to his unit, his integral part in its success, and his solemn responsibility to his comrades in arms.  For SCMS, the shield is a symbol of our dedication to service.  When we care for and serve others more than ourselves, we gain strength unattainable in any other way.  We hope that you will take on the mighty WARRIOR challenge and earn each piece of ARMOR!
The key to earning the Honor Armor awards is in your official ONLINE Logbook.  Beginning your eighth grade year. Do all that is possible to identify points earned and have them signed off each year during Points Week.  A WARRIOR who is willing to make the effort can enjoy the recognition of the Honor Armor pins and all the great memories it represents. IN ADDITION, IF YOU BECOME A DIAMON SHIELD WINNER THEN YOU WILL GET TO PAIN THE SHIELD BEHIND THE SCHOOL AND LEAVE YOUR LASTING IMPACT!

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