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How to Get Points

6. Possibile Sources for Honor Armor Points

There are many ways to earn your points and it is endless on what you can do! But if you have done something that you think is worthy of Honor Armor Points, make a note of it and type it in on your online booklet. The point committee will determine how many points it is worth.  If you want to know how many points each of these different categories are worth, please check the Points Spread Sheet.

Student Body Government
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Activities/assembly Coordinator
  • Men/Women Representative
  • Historian
  • Student Body Representative
  • Publicity Specialist
  • Elections Director

Committee Members

  • Honor Armor Committee
  • Student Ambassador
  • Specialty Committee Member

Academic Achievement

  • 4.0 GPA
  • Perfect Attendance per Quarter
  • High Honor Roll per Quarter (3.75)
  • Honor Roll/Quarter (3.50)
  • High Honor Roll with Honor Classes
  • All H’s in Citizenship

Year Book

  • Editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • Computer Staff
  • Section Editor
  • Photographer
  • Staff

School Newspaper

  • Editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • Staff

Dance Club

  • Member
  • Officer
  • Region 1st Place
  • Region 2nd Place
  • State 1st place
  • State 2nd Place
  • Other competitions

Color Guard

  • Member
  • Officer
  • State 1st Place
  • State 2nd place
  • Other Competitions


The following athletic groups will be awarded under athletic awards: Basketball (Boys/Girls), Tennis (Boys/Girls), Cross-Country (Boys/Girls), Track (Boys/Girls),Swimming (Boys/Girls),Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Golf, Volleyball, Rugby, Softball, Soccer (Boys/Girls). Note: points are only given for team participation while attending SCMS (grades 8-9).

  • Team Member
  • Varsity Letter
  • Varsity Team Captain
  • JV Team Captain
  • Team Region 1st place
  • Team Region 2nd place
  • Team State 1st Place
  • Team State 2nd Place
  • Team State 3rd Place
  • Individual. Region 1st Place
  • Individual. Region 2nd Place 
  • Individual. State 1st Place
  • Individual. State 2nd Place
  • All Region Team
  • All State Team
  • State MVP
  • Academic All State
  • State Top 4
  • Nationals Qualify
  • Nationals Place

Team Rep
  • Manager
  • Stats

Academy and Club Sponsored Competitions

(Math Counts, History Fair, Science Olympiad, Speech, Drama, Band, Choir, Debate, Science Fair, Madrigals, and Jazz Band)

  • Team Region 1st
  • Team Region 2nd
  • Team State 1st
  • Team State 2nd
  • Individual Region 1st
  • Individual Region 2nd
  • Individual State 1st
  • Individual State 2nd
  • Region Superior
  • Region Excellent
  • State Superior
  • District Top Scholar
  • State Top Scholar
  • Nationals (top 5)
  • All State


(Note: Drama the class is not included in the Honor Armor, it must be out of class Drama to get the points)

  • Student Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Acting Major
  • Acting Minor
  • Walk-on
  • Choreographer
  • Chorus
  • Dance
  • Stage/Tech Crew
  • Business/Publicity
  • Pianist 

Band and Choir

  • Band Member (75% attendance)
  • Jazz  Band
  • Choir Member 
  • Orchestra
  • Band Council
  • Drum Major


  • Entry
  • School 1st
  • Region 1st
  • State 1st
  • State 2nd

Other Clubs

  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Educational Talent Search
  • Latinos In Action


  • Student of the Month
  • Top Ten Most Improved
  • Advisory Winner Home Base Race
  • School Ambassador
  • Saturday Debate Competition

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